Day in a Canoe – Mykolas Rambus: Privacy in the Digital Age

In this episode, Nathan and Mykolas discuss:

  • Protecting your personal data and privacy in an ever-increasing digital world
  • The existing cybersecurity landscape and the threats, scams, and modes of protection you need to be on the lookout for
  • Action that is being taken to protect children and adults from the threats of social media at the local, state, and federal level
  • The growing role artificial intelligence today and how it will impact our world from a business and economic standpoint

Key Takeaways:

  • One out of seventeen Americans have had their identity stolen and one out of four Americans are harassed, stalked, or otherwise intimidated online at some point in their life. Taking the time to run a diagnostic on your individual and family’s online presence is a best practice to stay safe.
  • Legislation does not move as fast as new technology does. Waiting for laws and regulations to be put in place by the government to protect individuals and families is not as realistic. Solutions will likely lie in the hands of private enterprise and individuals to act against cyber threats.
  • Right now, it is increasingly challenging for people to differentiate what is real and what is fake in the online world. AI will significantly impact that trend in this new era of technology, staying informed and aware of what is real and what has been manufactured by technology and bad actors is key.

“Be ethically non-negotiable in business. There are plenty of shortcuts that can be had in business, whether it’s in hiring, whether it’s firing, restructurings, dealing with clients; all of those things exist and I have never found it advantageous to even think about the shortcuts because the right way is almost always the best way to build a business.” —  Mykolas Rambus

About Mykolas Rambus: Mykolas Rambus is a data and technology leader from Detroit, with a passion for great teams, new ventures, and doing the improbable. Mykolas is Co-founder and CEO of Hush, a new service dedicated to helping families take back control of their financial, physical, and reputation security. Previously, Mykolas was General Manager of Equifax’s marketing services division, a business unit engaged with thousands of clients ranging from Fortune 25 to SMB’s, providing IXI data exchange, digital, and highly regulated credit marketing data and insights. He is a frequent commentator on data and technology, has presented at numerous conferences, and been interviewed by CNBC, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Thomson Reuters, the New York Times and more. Mykolas studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he concentrated his undergraduate studies on Operations Research, Information Technology, and Urban Studies and Planning.

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