Day in a Canoe with Doug Speight: Leaving a Legacy

In this episode, Nathan and Doug discuss:

  • How entrepreneurship takes curiosity
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Approaching each day with humility
  • Taking care of our ecosystem

Key Takeaways:

  • Entrepreneurship takes a certain degree of curiosity – a love for learning new things and making new solutions for unaddressed problems.
  • At some point, everyone’s has to think about what legacy they’ll leave behind. How will you like to leave this earth better than you found it?
  • Approach each day with humility. You don’t know everything, so keep your mind open to the new ideas of experts and innovators in your field.
  • Your company does not exists in a void, there’s a whole ecosystem that it relies on it. It’s not somebody else’s responsibility to take care of this ecosystem, but the responsibility of every member in it, including you.

“A brilliant statement that stuck with me for my entire career: go where they, the competition, aren’t. ” — Doug Speight

About Doug Speight: He is a tech startup founder, Innovation Commercialization Director for universities, NASA and DOE research labs, and Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Co.Lab and CODE2040/Google. He is also an Angel Fund Director, a Co-inventor in additive manufacturing, a startup addict and last but not the least, a playful dad.

Connect with Doug Speight:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DougSpeight

Website: https://annextechpartners.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doug-speight-91b1932/

Connect with Nathan Mersereau:

Phone: 248-645-1520

Website: www.dayinacanoe.com

Email: nathan.mersereau@planningalt.com

Twitter: @NathanMersereau

LinkedIn: Nathan Mersereau

Address: 36800 Woodward Avenue, Suite 200

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

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