Angelo Leslie


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Angleo-insetAngelo is responsible for new business development. His objective is to identify potential client opportunities by consulting with and delivering solutions to potential clients.

Angelo has over 15 years of banking experience which includes wealth management, business banking, credit analysis, and lending.  His professional background is extensive in business development and client relationships. In all of his professional roles, Angelo has always been a client facing professional and has been able to forge new business relationships.  Prior to his roles in Financial Services Angelo serves as an Account Executive and later a National Account Executive for Xerox Business Services for a combined 10 years.

Angelo grew up in Inkster, Michigan and later attended Hillsdale College where he played baseball and received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Currently, Angelo serves as a member of the Women of Color Entrepreneurial Executive Committee, The Henry Ford Health System Planned Giving Committee, Crossroads Advisory Committee, and Shakespeare in Detroit Advisory Committee.


List Three words that describe a successful journey:

Direction, Determination, and resiliency.

If you could be famous for 24 hours who would you be?

Barry Sanders, because of his humility and professionalism that he always displayed.

Describe one thing you loved growing up:

I loved playing little league baseball.

What is the biggest lesson you learned from a client?

One of the most important lessons I ever learned from a client is that having their best interest and the interest of their family as your main priority is without question the most lasting impression that will be left with them.  My experience was that I was pursuing a client for over two years and she finally chose another advisor over me mainly because the pricing for management services was a little more attractive to her from another organization. She came back to me a little over a year later and asked if she could work with me moving forward. I asked her why she decided to switch and she said I always remembered that your interests were my interest and sincerely caring for someone is long-term and pricing and services are short-term.




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