Am I on track for retirement?

Ensuring your retirement savings will last the distance can be a daunting challenge. In order to define and preserve your legacy without surprises, you need a strategy that is consistently monitored, re-evaluated and reshaped to meet your goals. We help you prepare for tomorrow by developing sound strategies you can implement today.  Our customized retirement plan helps you look at areas such as:

  • Examining a variety of retirement scenarios to find what fits best for you.
  • Optimizing Social Security claiming strategies.
  • Identifying the smartest way to withdraw from your portfolio during volatile markets.
  • Evaluating up to 10,000 market return scenarios to help guide you to your retirement confidence zone.
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What is the best investment strategy for me?

Building a sound investment portfolio that can successfully endure the ebb and flow of a changing economy is a difficult task.  What’s more, there are countless investing options touted by brokers as the must have ‘product of the day.’  Not us, we believe investing is a marathon and not a sprint.  We don’t get caught up in the headlines of the day – we commit to navigating financial markets using disciplined but agile strategies that focus on risk management, cost control and diversification.  We don’t offer proprietary products; we simply provide objective, time-tested strategies, within a transparent fee structure.  We help you:

  • Examine your current portfolio and provide recommendations to optimize your holdings.
  • Define your risk tolerance and help you focus on a long-term investing strategy.
  • Build a portfolio to make sure your best interests are served.
  • Provide ongoing management and reporting — helping you see progress toward your financial goals.
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Do I need to update my estate plan?

Your legacy should be defined by what matters most to you in life. The central hub of estate planning is both logical and emotional. However, through careful consideration and planning, you can have an effective estate plan that provides orderly and timely distribution of your assets. Our advisors take a critical look at your financials, gain an understanding of your values, and help you formulate your priorities into your financial plan. We guide you through the estate planning options that make the most sense for you and the ones you love, including:

  • Educating you on estate planning concepts such as wills, various types of trusts, guardianship and power of attorney issues.
  • Review your asset titling and beneficiary designations.
  • Review your existing documents to make sure they are in line with current laws.
  • Examining gifting strategies that optimize you current needs with your legacy of tomorrow.
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Do I have the right insurance coverage?

When life brings unexpected change, you want to make sure you and your family are protected. Insurance is often overlooked but an essential ingredient to protect what’s most important to you in the event of a sudden loss.  Making sure you have enough to address the “what ifs” of life is a prudent step in building a sound financial plan. As fee-only financial advisors, we’re not looking to sell you a product, we are looking at your situation with your best interests as the number one priority. We analyze your situation and help you:

  • Evaluate various insurances such as life, disability, health, property and casualty, long term care.
  • Determine how much and what type of insurance you currently need.
  • Review policies you purchased in the past to ensure they are still necessary and cost effective.
  • Coordinate with outside professionals to ensure your coverage is in line with your financial plan.
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How do I fund my kids’ college?

With tuition rates continuing to climb every year, a tailored college savings plan is essential. Given the sizable cash requirement for college expenses, incorporating a funding strategy into your overall wealth management strategy is crucial. This will allow you to address this important goal without jeopardizing your long-term plans. With a sound college-funding plan that is routinely re-assessed, you’ll have peace of mind that neither your child’s education nor your retirement goals will be at risk.  Some core criteria utilized in our planning process include:

  • Identifying how much to save and where to save it.
  • Reviewing your progress and monitoring against the anticipated cost of tuition at the school(s) of choice.
  • Balance paying for college with your retirement savings needs.
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How can I reduce my taxes?

Navigating tax law is not easy. The ever-changing landscape means your tax strategy needs to be revisited frequently to adapt to natural life progression as well as changes in the law. Neglecting either of these can mean overpaying and sacrificing money that could otherwise be utilized towards your larger life and financial goals. While we do not prepare tax returns, we are well equipped to craft and monitor your tax strategy.  Often times, even minor tweaks can lead to a larger pay off. We examine areas such as:

  • Assess strategies to deduct, defer or avoid taxes.
  • Converting a portion of your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.
  • Employing portfolio tax loss harvesting strategies.
  • Preparing for required distributions from your retirement accounts.
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What do I do after divorce or death of a spouse?

An unexpected transition can be devastating and demanding. Plans and expectations for the future suddenly need to be rearranged.  And decisions often need to be made at times when you may be confused and vulnerable.  While we can’t shield you from a transition, we can help you rebuild your new foundation for success. With the rest of your life ahead of you, we help you sort through today and build a plan for tomorrow. We help you address issues like:

  • Educate and guide you in understanding the necessary financial decisions in your new situation.
  • Evaluating decisions around re-titling financial assets, getting your cash flow in order, setting up a new insurance strategy, understanding your Social Security benefits and updating your estate plan.
  • Developing a new financial plan that focuses on your future and security.
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How do I prepare to sell my business?

You have invested your life into your business but now it is time to consider a transition to the next chapter of your life. But how do you make the transition? How do you prepare your business for sale or transfer to the next generation? How do you take an asset you’ve invested your life into and create an economic base that will support you and your family for the rest of your life? Our advisors can help:

  • Analyze sale and transfer scenarios to help you understand the implications to your personal financial plan.
  • Answer the question “Is the sale enough?”
  • Act as your objective advisor to make sure you and your family will have their needs met as a result of the business sale.
  • Work with your team of professionals to coordinate an overall game plan that is in your best interests.
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How do I optimize my stock options or restricted stock?

Executive compensation can be a highly complex area. There are many parts that need thorough analysis to make sure you are taking advantage of all your available benefits. Many opportunities may be missed due to lack of time and knowledge. With the demands of your job, the responsibilities to your organization, opportunities can simply expire. Decisions are often made in last minute circumstances that limit your ability to make the most of your resources. Our team of advisors can help you evaluate your compensation plan and build a strategy to optimize the resources you have been granted. We can help you by:

  • Evaluating exercise strategies for your incentive and non-qualified stock options.
  • Determining whether an 83 b election is right for you.
  • Looking for ways to minimize tax implication when exercising your stock grants.
  • Building an objective game plan that looks out for your best interest and integrates your stock decisions with your overall financial plan.
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