Wherever they are in their careers – the C-Suite or climbing the ladder - executives’ demanding jobs leave little time for comprehensive financial planning that considers not only where they are today, but where they hope to be in the future.

Planning Alternatives knows the ins and outs associated with complex executive compensation, tax strategies and more. Whether executives are starting to plan for a family or planning for retirement, we work hand in hand with them to develop and manage financial plans designed to help them step into their best lives all along their journey.

Planning Alternatives helps executives at every stage of their careers with financial planning and management that’s specifically suited to the needs of ambitious people climbing the corporate ladder, occupying an office in the C-Suite, or ready to explore their next chapter. If you’re an executive who would like to know more about the difference we can make in your life, click the link below to arrange for a personal consultation with Planning Alternatives CEO Nathan Mersereau.

  1. I’m climbing the ladder
  2. I’m needing a review of my financial situation
  3. I’m preparing for my next chapter