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Planning Alternatives is not your standard financial advisory firm. And we do not hire standard employees. We are not for everyone – and don’t pretend to be. We are a group of passionate people who bring a mission-driven mentality to serving our clients. Our advisors and service teams look out for our clients’ best interests with both expertise and empathy. We often say we “do life” with our clients in our efforts to change their lives for the better.

At Planning Alternatives, we have carefully cultivated a culture that prizes meaningful connection, collaboration and community engagement. We want job candidates who share our mindset and have a deep appreciation of these core values. For all roles in our firm, we seek bright people who will pour their energy into delivering an unrivaled customer experience at every turn.

While financial planning typically focuses on investment and growth, we also think of investment and growth in terms of our employees. We are deeply committed to helping our team members thrive. If you are highly motivated and want to advance your career in a smart, supportive environment while making a difference in people’s lives, we’d love to hear from you.

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We are growing and constantly on the lookout for talented, team-oriented people. We understand that great potential hires don’t always fit squarely into a given job description. If the Planning Alternatives’ mission truly speaks to you, please contact us even if your skills and experience don’t perfectly align with our current job openings.

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