Day in a Canoe – Kathy Wiseman: Understanding Family Systems

In this episode, Nathan and Kathy discuss:

  • What family systems are and how they operate
  • Tools to reflect inward and examine your own operating system along with your family system
  • The correlations between you and the generational systems you inherited
  • The emotional attachments to success and money and the role those topics play in family systems

Key Takeaways:

  • Addressing what you and your family have inherited emotionally over generations and what you want to do about it often leads to wonderful discussions and a way to talk about what is most important to you all as a unit.
  • Giving yourself time to think about what is important to you to speak for yourself in family conversations is the best way to gain confidence and feel like each family member is heard
  • Curiosity is the biggest motivator in taking action and starting these conversations with your family.

“Being yourself with people you are sensitive to, can be magic.”  —  Kathy Wiseman.   

About Kathy Wiseman: Kathy Wiseman is the Founder of Working Systems Inc and Partner at Navigating Systems, the Brown Center for the Study of Family. Kathy’s interest and expertise are in assisting family members, family executives, and legal and financial professionals in applying family systems theory to the challenges in their professional and personal lives. Her focus is on making available the groundbreaking research of Dr. Murray Bowen to the professionals who serve business families and organizations. She works with motivated leaders to think systems and increase their capacity to manage themselves in times of change.

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