Stephen Koch: Pursue Your Passion

In this episode, Nathan and Stephen discuss:

  • Investing time into your passion 
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone 
  • Being unafraid of failure 
  • Listening to fear 

Key Takeaways:

  • Consider activities that you are passionate about or put you in a flow state. Spending more of your time doing these things will propel you to a more satisfying or meaningful life. 
  • The best way to grow in any area is to step out of your comfort zone and move forward despite hardships or hindrances. 
  • Don’t be paralyzed by the fear of failure. Give yourself the space to fail and to learn and grow from it. Keep trying until you get it right. 
  • Fear could be your friend. Listening to your fear’s advice has the potential to benefit you but you have to be able to tell if your fear is helping you or holding you back from living your best life. 

“Following my heart, following my bliss. What am I moved to do? Saying yes to opportunities. Saying yes to the instinct. There were times that it got me in trouble but I survived it and I was able to learn and grow from it. Not being paralyzed by failure, not letting failure or the fear of not succeeding stop me. That really allowed me to do unprecedented things and step into the role of being a pioneer.” —  Stephen Koch 

About Stephen Koch: Stephen Koch’s career as a pioneering snowboard mountaineer, professional athlete and mountain guide led to over 50 first ascents and descents on the world’s highest and most challenging mountains where he made calculated decisions with a high level of uncertainty in the face of extreme danger. He generally chose well, but occasionally not. It is in the “not” where the gold lies.

As a thought leader and keynote speaker, Koch analyzes the world of high-stakes decision-making and failure, sharing the gold that has resulted from tragedy as he connects with audiences. He inspires organizations and teams through customized presentations with stories and lessons learned from two decades of climbing and snowboarding unprecedented new routes from around the world.

Connect with Stephen Koch: 

Website: https://stephenkoch.com/

Email:  stephen@stephenkoch.com

 Connect with Nathan Mersereau: 

Phone: 248-645-1520

Website: www.dayinacanoe.com

Email: nathan.mersereau@planningalt.com

Twitter: @NathanMersereau

LinkedIn: Nathan Mersereau

Address: 36800 Woodward Avenue, Suite 200

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla

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