Day in a Canoe with Tyson McDowell

In this episode, Nathan and Tyson discuss:

  • Who is affected by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 
  • How AI affects social media 
  • Using AI for good 
  • The impact of technology 

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone’s life is affected by AI even if you’re not social media connected, it’s that pervasive at this point. 
  • AI is affecting social media and it is inorganically promoting trends that aren’t necessarily part of a user’s interest or belief. It’s important to be clear within yourself what your beliefs are and to analyze the trends, not just blindly believe them. 
  • AI isn’t doomed to manipulate our lives and limit our ability to think for ourselves. Instead of merely pushing trends you don’t want, AI has the potential to give you the resources that you need in order to live a better quality of life. This has the potential to lead to better outcomes in health, whether physical, mental or financial. Cut through the noise, choose technology that helps you. 
  • Technology means something different to everybody. There’s a lot of ways that it could impact a person’s dreams and overall life trajectory. 

“I challenge anybody to have a strident belief and share it with someone without fear.” —  Tyson McDowell

About Tyson McDowell: Tyson is cofounder and managing partner of Greatscale Ventures, and a thought leader on the subject of positively merging humans with AI-driven technologies.

After nearly 20 years of experience in building and running companies as CEO, CTO or President, and watching the world change dramatically as a result of high-scale technologies permeating everyday life, he realized the need to scale up his own efforts to impact humanity with tech.

While technology and business are his focus, Aviation is a core passion.  Tyson is a certified private pilot with instrument, multi-engine, helicopter and various type ratings.  He resides in San Diego, CA with his wife Erika and daughter Amelia, is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), and is Vice Chairman of the San Diego Air and Space Museum.

Connect with Tyson McDowell: 

Website: https://greatscale.ventures/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tysonmcdowell/ 

Connect with Nathan Mersereau: 

Phone: 248-645-1520

Website: www.dayinacanoe.com

Email: nathan.mersereau@planningalt.com

Twitter: @NathanMersereau

LinkedIn: Nathan Mersereau

Address: 36800 Woodward Avenue, Suite 200

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

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