Day in a Canoe with Steve Moeller: Effortless Marketing and the Science of Happiness

In this episode, Nathan and Steve Moeller discuss:

  • An objective and subjective element to quality of life
  • Remembering what makes you happy 
  • Delegating dreadful activities 
  • Our ability to have a positive emotional state 

Key Takeaways:

  • There is both an objective and subjective element to quality of life. Once you figure out the objective stuff, then you can figure out the subjective part more. Happiness is just one part of quality of life. 
  • We’re not very good at predicting what will make us happy, but we’re good at remembering. Staying happy is all about looking into those things, people, events, or places that made you happy and bringing more of it into your life.
  • Ask yourself these two questions: “what lights you up and generates energy in your life?” and “what are the things that bring you down?” Do more of what lights you up and do less of what brings you down. Try to delegate the things you dread doing to someone who likes doing it. 
  • Your ability to be positive is determined by three parts. The first is the unchangeable part of how you’re built, this covers 50%. 10% is determined by what’s going on around you and 40% is determined by our attitudes, opinions, beliefs and values. 

“It’s really simple. Just identify the things that in the past have put you in a positive state and organize to do more of that. Figure out those things that have put you in negative states and organize your life to do less of that.” —  Steve Moeller

About Steve Moeller: He began his career as a freelance magazine and advertising photographer. He often photographed fashion and celebrities, including Clint Eastwood and Doris Day.

In his early 30’s he decided that he wanted to do something more significant than take pictures of pretty things and people. After going through career counseling, he accepted a position as a representative for an investment company. He called on financial advisors in Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico, honing my speaking and sales skills by making 15 to 25 group presentations every week.

In 1989,he founded American Business Visions, LLC (ABV), a publishing, training, and consulting company to help entrepreneurs build profitable businesses. Since then, he has inspired, trained, and coached thousands of self-employed professionals and small business owners to build profitable companies that support a high quality of life.

Steve has also helped several national companies transform their top investment sales people into more client-centered retirement advisors, increasing their productivity, income, and work satisfaction.

In 1999, he founded Endorphin Zone New Media to share his research on human flourishing with people from all ages and walks of life.

In 2014, he co-founded Blue Dolphin Investment & Retirement Strategists, a firm that applies his research to help their clients flourish in retirement. To accomplish that goal, they combine the science of flourishing, life coaching, scenario planning, financial advice, and wealth management. 

Connect with Steve Moeller

Website: http://www.stevemoeller.com/ 

Email: steve@stevemoeller.com 

Phone: 530-652-4081

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