Day in a Canoe with Anthony Davies: Professor of Economics at Duquesne University

In this episode, Nathan and Antony Davies discuss:

  • How to create change from an economic perspective.
  • Sustainable incentives.
  • Debts and government involvement in debt.
  • The motivation behind writing his upcoming book, Cooperation and Coercion

Key Takeaways:

  • The fundamentals of economics boils down to two things; all things have a trade-off and all people respond to incentives.
  • The money the government spends without increasing the taxes will be taxed to unborn generations who will have to pay that debt despite having a say in this inherited debt.
  • It is the government failing to do its job that is causing the short-term incentive problem, including the impact on the environment from companies.
  • The biggest myth is that the government owes $23 trillion. The debt is much greater. That $23 trillion is just the federal government.

“The largest problem with the debt is that politicians have figured out a way to tax people who can’t vote. And that’s effectively what debt is.”

— Antony Davies

Connect with Antony Davies:
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